Music With Lego

No, I am not going to break into song (quite), but I went to a TeachMeet yesterday and came away with a new, and heretofore un-thought of use for Lego in my Year 1 Music lessons, courtesy of some lovely young infant teachers trained at the University of Gloucestershire.

I have introduced my class to the concept of regular rhythm over the last couple of terms, and now I would like to get them started on composition, but it a gentle, age appropriate way, organised so that I don’t get a more horrible headache than I can handle on a Thursday afternoon.  A tall order, I know.

The children have had experience of working with four rhythms, based on the work of Jan Holdstock and her creepy crawly cards.  So far they know:


doll               teddy          racing car  double decker



For this term’s topic, on materials, I shall have them using Lego duplo and wooden building blocks to make ‘music stories’ (sequences in other words) that they can then play back to their friends.

The rhythms the Lego lends itself immediately to are:


 In order to help the children to organise their ideas I shall give them a laminated grid, with the squares organised in groups of 4.

I am hoping that using Lego, and challenging the children to use the wooden building blocks in the same way, that the children will be able to compose their own musical sequences independently, while at the same time having the opportunity to explore the instruments.

I’ll let you know how we get on!

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